Which Wedding Trends Were Popular The Year You Were Born?

1980s - Puffy Sleeves: Inspired by Princess Diana, wedding dresses with voluminous sleeves were all the rage.

1990s - Minimalist Gowns: Simple and sleek wedding dresses, like those worn by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, were trendy.

2000s - Destination Weddings: Couples often chose exotic locations for their weddings, making destination weddings a popular trend.

2010s - Rustic Chic: Barn weddings with rustic décor and mason jar centerpieces became very fashionable.

1980s - Cascading Bouquets: Large, flowing bouquets were a must-have accessory for brides.

1990s - Satin Gloves: Brides often wore elegant satin gloves, adding a touch of sophistication.

2000s - Two-Tier Cakes: Simple two-tier wedding cakes with fresh flowers or minimalistic designs were in vogue.

2010s - DIY Décor: Personalized and handmade decorations, often crafted by the bride and groom, were a significant trend.

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