What Type of Cat Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: Somali

If you were a type of cat, Aries, you would be a Somali. The Somali is the Abyssinian's cousin with long hair. Their personalities are a lot like those of people born under the Aries sign. 

Taurus: British Shorthair

British Shorthairs have an air of royalty about them, which makes them a great choice for the Taurus sign. It's no secret that you and your partner are often stubborn, but that's because you both like routines and keep the promises you make.

Gemini: Bengal

Geminis are all about talking, so the talkative Bengal breed is a great match for your sign. Bengals love to talk, whether it's through meows, chirps, trills, yowls, purrs, or even the occasional hiss.

Cancer: Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is you as a cat, Cancer. Ragdolls are known for being caring and sensitive to their owners' feelings. This is why they make such good emotional support animals. 

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Leo: Maine Coon

Leo, you're like the Maine Coon of cats. You have a thick mane and act like you know everything. You and the Maine Coon have the same lion-like qualities: you're brave, kind, loyal, and don't mind being in the spotlight.

Virgo: Siamese

Siamese cats want to be everywhere at the same time. Does this sound like you, Virgo? They want every hair on their body to lay in a certain way, and they won't be happy until it is. Both of you are also smart, kind, and dedicated.

Libra: Persian

Without a question, the Persian is the Libra of cat breeds. People born under the Libra sign are drawn to balance and unity, and the Persian cat breed is the best at bringing people together. 

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