United Launches Wheelchair Search Tool

At least one U.S. carrier will make flying easier for the estimated 5.5 million wheelchair-bound Americans. United Airlines plans to add a search

Customers can enter their wheelchair measurements into flight searches with the filter, planned to appear in early 2024. The site

will then provide all wheelchair-accessible flights between their departure city and destination. (Not all cargo hold doors can accommodate larger

“By offering customers an easy way to know if their personal wheelchair fits on a particular airplane, we can give them the

peace of mind they deserve when flying with us,” United executive vice president and chief customer officer Linda Jojo said.

United said travelers can schedule an itinerary that works for their wheelchair and get a refund if the trip is more expensive if

the plane doesn't fit. After flying, travelers must fill out a form to get reimbursement for two trips on the same day on the same itinerary.

United also said it and its Accessible Travel Advisory Board would start a six-month pilot program at George Bush Intercontinental

United launched these measures after a protracted inquiry by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) into a disability

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