Top 8 Colorful Flowers Hummingbirds Love

Cardinal Flower

Cardinal flower, named for the red robes worn by Roman Catholic cardinals, needs mulch to retain moisture during summer and protect its root system during cold northern winters.

Bee Balm

For a surefire way to attract hummingbirds, grow bee balm. Whether you choose natives or cultivated varieties, the birds can’t resist the nectar-rich blooms.


Penstemons are North American natives that come in many forms. It’s best to plant those that are native to your area.


Although most hostas are grown for their leaves, the large bell-shaped blooms are excellent nectar sources in hues of purple to white.


Catmint is easy to grow, long-blooming, heat-tolerant and deer- and pest-resistant.


It’s no coincidence that a common name for one of the agastache species is hummingbird mint. That type excels in dry regions.

Eastern Red Columbine

This easy-to-grow perennial performs in part to full shade. It reseeds itself to replenish older plants, which tend to lose vigor after three or four years.


If you have a fence, arbor or trellis in full sun to part shade, plant a colorful trumpet honeysuckle vine and watch the hummingbirds go absolutely wild for this climber.

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