Tips To Dog-Proofing Your Home

Locate Risks

The first step in dog-proofing your home without bothering your pet is to identify minor pet and household threats. House dogs, especially puppies, require environmental protection.

Home Improvements

As with any change, dog-proofing should be implemented gradually. You don't want your dog to feel punished or denied house comforts.

Begin with minor changes and give your dog time to adjust. This will assist children in adjusting to the changes and avoiding feelings of overwhelm or terror.

Pet-Friendly Materials

Pets can walk on hardwood or vinyl floors, which are very easy to clean. Leather or synthetic materials can endure the claws of your dog.

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Make sure there are plenty of chew toys and bones available. Toys will keep your dog from chewing on furniture and other items.

Avoid Access

Try not to leave anything around that your dog could eat. Keep electrical cords covered and cleaning supplies high up.

Prevent Escapes

Because dogs are excellent escape artists, all doors and windows must be locked. It's yet another crucial dog-proofing tip.

If you have a fence, make sure it's in good shape and that your dog can't get through it.

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