These Designer Living Rooms Show That Minimalism Is Always In Style

Mix Woods

This spacious living room uses every corner wisely by arranging different wood tones to break up the white. "We used tonality and warm woods to make the space feel cozy despite its sparse decoration.

Create A Focal Point

Salvaged this antique mantel from Architectural Accents and made it the star of the show by adding accessories like an oversize mirror, picture frames, faux candles, and plants. It doesn't overwhelm the room since it's the vignette you see when you enter the home.

Curate Your Art

Minimalist farmhouse a makeover that shows the power of styling with restraint. The pared-down background serves as the perfect canvas for the clients' art collection, which "always felt like such a hodgepodge" against the old scheme.

Make It Cozy

Work with your home's existing layout by brightening up the space with a white sectional and marble coffee table as BHDM did in this winter getaway.

Coastal Decor

A textured rug, striped throw pillows, and low wooden tables for a lived-in and open feel—it's a coastal reset that doesn't need a ton of accessories to prove the aesthetic is at work. "When selecting your furnishings, we prefer a crisp white or cream sofa that provides a neutral base and allows you to accent with color and pattern.

Layer On Textures

Who says minimalism can't be achieved with color? The focus in this grounded living room is on key pieces that the room needs. Greens, ivories, and taupes keep the palette tonal.

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