These Are the 10 Best Drugstore Eyeliners

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Precise Liquid Eyeliner:

Known for its precise applicator, this liquid eyeliner is easy to use for creating sharp lines and wings.

Epic Ink Liner:

A waterproof and long-lasting liquid liner with a fine tip, perfect for creating both thin and bold lines.

Slim Liquid Eyeliner:

This super-slim felt tip liner allows for precise application and is smudge-resistant, offering a long-lasting finish.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner:

Available in both pencil and liquid forms, Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner is known for its long-wearing formula and variety of shades.

Super Precise Eyeliner:

An affordable liquid eyeliner with a thin brush for precise application, offering a matte finish.

Boosting Eyeliner + Serum:

This eyeliner not only defines your eyes but also contains a lash-boosting serum for added benefits.

Proof Retractable Eyeliner:

A retractable pencil eyeliner that is waterproof and known for its long-lasting formula.

Eyeliner Pencil:

A creamy and waterproof pencil eyeliner available in a variety of shades, offering smooth application.

Waterproof Eye Definer:

Known for its creamy texture and waterproof formula, this eyeliner is often praised for its long-lasting wear.

Almay Eyeliner Pencil:

Almay offers hypoallergenic eyeliner pencils, suitable for sensitive eyes. They come in various shades, providing a gentle yet defined look.


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