These 10 Restaurants Are Most Likely To Go Bankrupt and Close In 2024

Krystal - Known for its smash burgers, the chain has faced financial difficulties since the pandemic, despite changing ownership​​.

Fuddruckers - Despite its fresh, made-from-scratch buns, the chain has dwindled to only 60 locations​​​​.

Steak 'n Shake - With a reduction in locations but not necessarily in sales, its future remains uncertain​​.

Applebee's - The chain has closed about 300 locations since 2017, facing challenges in attracting customers with a shift towards organic and local food preferences​​​​

Buffalo Wild Wings - Criticized for misleading product descriptions and experiencing closures, its appeal may be waning​​​​

Piccadilly Restaurants and Old Country Buffet - Both chains have suffered due to declining popularity of buffet-style dining, with Old Country Buffet facing multiple bankruptcy filings​​.

Red Lobster - Faced significant losses last year and struggles to adapt to the changing dining landscape​​.

Quiznos - Once a major player in the fast-casual segment, it has seen a dramatic reduction in locations worldwide​​.

White Castle - Known for its sliders, it faces a significant lawsuit that could impact its operations​​​​.

Sizzler and Ruby Tuesday - Both are facing challenges, with Sizzler struggling due to the decreased popularity of buffets and Ruby Tuesday having filed for bankruptcy in 2020​​.

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