The 8 Best Year-Round Plants For Pots

Blooming in a range of colors from blush pink to vivid purple, and royal red to crisp white, there is an Encore® Azalea for every gardener.


Flowering in white or pink, the flower buds arise in summer and remain throughout the winter before opening into tiny bells in spring.

Japanese Pieris

The sculpted foliage of coral bells makes a lovely addition to mixed containers.

Coral Bells

Boxwoods are stately shrubs perfect for containers. They can be clipped and shaped into rounded balls or playful topiary, or you can go natural.


This pint-sized loropetalum is perfect for containers, with gorgeous purple foliage year-round and vibrant pink spring blooms


With evergreen foliage and winter blooms, hellebores are a welcome addition to year-round container plantings.


This compact leucothoe has gently arching branches and glossy evergreen foliage that shifts colors throughout the year.


Perfume outdoor rooms with the aromatic foliage of rosemary. The grey-green evergreen leaves lend woodsy flavor to meats and sauces.


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