The Psychological Consequences Of Keeping Secrets

Rinse and dry your squash. Slice off the stem and bottom ends of the squash, so that both ends are flat. Slice the squash in half and lightly salt.

Negative Psychological Outcomes

Secrets promote stress hormones, which raise blood pressure, impair sleep, and increase melancholy and anxiety.

Sleep Problems

Secret keepers are also more prone to take drugs and have chronic pain, according to research.

Chronic Pain And Substance Abuse

Secret keeping causes stress because we constantly think about the information we shouldn't share.

Ruminating Constantly

This is because thinking about the secret occupies our mental and emotional energy, and guilt and humiliation can produce a strong fear of its revelation.

Draining Energy

Covering up exam cheating is different. Remorse follows harmful secrets.

More Serious Secrets

When discussing secret keeping's psychological implications, experts separate shame from guilt.

Shame vs. Guilt

You can use guilt from helping a friend cheat on a test to move forward in a way that resonates with your principles.

Guilt Is Not Always Awful

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