The Best Aging Tips From Celebrities Over 60

Jamie Lee Curtis

Everyone kissing 60 has a wealth of experience. Bakers, bring your abilities. Dressmakers, bring your sewing talents. If you garden, grow vegetables and discuss sustainability with instructors.


Somali beauty Iman, 67, proves aging is beautiful. How does she feel young as she ages?

Christie Brinkley

First, hang out with a buddy or family. Avoid wallowing. Just leave. Get outside. Leave the home and stroll for me. That matters. Of course, smiling! I believe thankfulness is the key.

Helen Mirren

To my generation and others, seeing cosmetic products on a 15-year-old face is annoying. I'll become elderly to avoid dying young!"

Alfre Woodard

Age is your choice. I am moving "Woodard stated. I don't want to announce, 'I'm over 50,' or put an expiry date on my jiggly legs at the beach. I shouldn't wear it.

Glenn Close

All your life, you believe 60 is ancient, but then you're 60 and don't feel different. Stronger and more engaged. The finest time of my life.

Sharon Osbourne

Maintain your health and appearance. You're our last priority after everyone else. Be mindful of your importance.

Sharon Stone

I realised I wanted to be like a European lady who gets more attractive with age and understood that women are more beautiful than girls because they knew something.

Oprah Winfrey

I know denial won't lead to your best existence. Taking charge of every moment. Making a claim now. Accepting your age with thankfulness.

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