The 8 most haunted castles in Europe

Predjama Castle, Slovenia -

Erasmus of Lueg lived in Predjama Castle, which was built into the mouth of a cave in the center of Slovenia.

Bran Castle, Romania -

Outside of Transylvania, Bran Castle is often called "Dracula's Castle," but it has only a few connections to Vlad the Impaler, who was a notorious person.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland -

The famous 12th-century castle in Edinburgh is one of the most visited places in Scotland. But some tourists have said that ghostly spirits from the Napoleonic Wars have bothered them.

Carini Castle, Italy -

The Baroness of Caroness is said to haunt Carini Castle, which is near Palermo in Sicily. In 1563, she was found with her boyfriend in full view.

Moosham Castle, Austria -

Between 1675 and 1690, the Zaubererjackl witch trials were held at Moosham Castle near Unternberg in the Lungau area of Salzburg.

Chillingham Castle, England -

Many people who visit Chillingham Castle, which looks like a fortress and is said to be the most evil castle in Britain, get shivers down their spines.

Frankenstein Castle, Germany -

The name kind of gives it away, and Mary Shelley may have been inspired by Frankenstein Castle near Darmstadt as she wrote the first draft of her 1818 Gothic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.