The 10 Most Haunted Towns in the U.S.

Ghostly soldiers and hauntings have been reported in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the Civil War's bloodiest fight.

New Orleans: The LaLaurie Mansion and St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 are among New Orleans' haunted sites due to its voodoo legacy.

Known for its violent past, Jerome, Arizona is said to be haunted by the ghosts of miners and residents.

Infamous for the Salem Witch Trials, this town has a dark history and ghosts.

St. Augustine, Florida: The oldest city in the U.S. has many haunting legends due to conflict, sickness, and piracy.

Alton, Illinois: The McPike Mansion and other eerie houses make Alton one of America's most haunted little towns.

Charleston, South Carolina: Lots of ancient buildings in Charleston have ghost stories.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas: The Crescent Hotel, one of America's most haunted, sits in this lovely town.

Bisbee, Arizona: Another former mining town with a violent past, Bisbee has many ghost reports, especially at the Copper Queen Hotel.

Placerville, California: Haunted hotels and historic structures are said to haunt this Gold Rush town.

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