Southwest Airlines Makes Schedule Changes

The modifications are being made in response to a new dynamic that is evolving to accommodate increased leisure travel. During the earnings

call for this quarter, Southwest stated that the company anticipates making an additional $500 million

as a result of the moves to cut some midweek flights and add almost 20 new destinations.

Robert Jordan, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, stated that he anticipates a comeback in business travel, but that it will occur

at a far slower rate than the rebound in pleasure travel. Southwest, for example, is adding more flights

Because American Airlines is making efforts to strengthen its hub in Phoenix, the competition that the carrier faces there has intensified.

Southwest Airlines is going to reduce its capacity on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which have historically been the most popular days for

business travelers to fly, in order to create place for its newly added destinations. The airline also plans to trim its late-night and early

By cutting back on business routes, Southwest said it will have more aircraft to be deployed for leisure routes instead of business. 

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