Mcdonald's Added Pumpkin Spice to One of Its Most Popular Treats

Autumn 2021 and 2022 saw the Pumpkin and Creme Pie at select McDonald's outlets in 2023.

California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Alabama McDonald's customers reported seeing it for $1.39 each pie and $1.99 per pair.

The McDonald's website currently lists it, however availability varies by area. The chain's sweet delicacy has long been popular but divisive. 

Some expect it every year, while others say it's "too pumpkinny" or "does not taste like pumpkin at all." McDonald's is less likely to change its menu than its rivals.

Since 1968, Golden Arches has offered hundreds of handheld pies, including apple, Guava and Cheese, and the Holiday Pie with vanilla custard and rainbow sprinkles.

Going forward, McDonald's business strategy has relied significantly on nostalgia. It released "Adult Happy Meals" in October 2022 featuring Hamburglar and Grimace figures from the 1970s and 1980s.

A viral campaign starring the famous purple mascot increased same-day shop sales by roughly 12% between April and June 2023. In a recent earnings call, the CEO hinted about a new restaurant concept inspired by CosMc.

Sale and internet reaction have been high due to the nostalgic theme. Since many generations have loved and associated with pies, any attention on them is nostalgic.

In 1992, the business moved from deep-frying to baking its pies to cater to health-conscious consumers, but some longtime customers still miss the original and lobby for its return.

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