Longest Living Pets You Can Keep Forever

Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are long-lived, low-maintenance pets. Like pet rats or guinea pigs, they're easier to manage than most lizards. Their enclosure is basic too. To keep humidity low, they need a heat lamp, UV light, and hygrometer on one side.

The requirement to consume live insects everyday deters some potential pet owners. They can eat fresh vegetables but not insects. That implies regular pet store visits for your beardie's life. They're easy to own otherwise.


Housecats live long lives. The oldest cat ever lived 27 years. Cats need more attention than other small pets, but they're far more independent than dogs.

They don't get separation anxiety and groom themselves. Just expect to clean litter boxes and scratch furniture. 

Miniature Poodles

America loves little poodles. Small, apartment-friendly dogs have tremendous personalities. The brightest, longest-lived pets are poodles.

They need regular walks, monthly grooming, and lots of love and care. Several little dog breeds live into their teens. Mini poodle owners may expect 15 years with their curly friend.


Chihuahuas live the longest. Smaller breeds live longer than bigger herding breeds. Chihuahuas can live to 23.

Chihuahuas have tons of personality. They're loyal and fierce. Since they'll stick with you, they're tiny enough to carry along.


Leopard geckos, in particular, live long and don't age. These beautiful reptiles live 13–20 years and are easy to care for. One leopard gecko survived to 28.

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