KFC Is Adding 5 Exciting New Items To the Menu

KFC wants to show you new things, even if you adore its food. KFC has five new menu items this month, making it exciting.

KFC wraps are returning as a permanent menu item, which is wonderful news for fans. Starting November 12, you can order the Classic Chicken

Wrap with hand-breaded Extra Crispy tender, pickles, and mayo on a warm tortilla. The Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap has an Extra Crispy tender, coleslaw, pickles, and spicy sauce.

For a change, KFC is offering a Mac & Cheese Wrap featuring Extra Crispy fried chicken tender in a tortilla with cheddar mac and cheese and a three-

cheese blend. A double wrap costs $5, while a combo of two wraps, a medium drink, and Secret Recipe Fries costs $8.49. Alaska and Hawaii can vary prices.

"Since we introduced KFC Wraps earlier this year, others have followed—but why go to a burger chain for a fried chicken wrap, when you can get a

craveable wrap with KFC's world-famous fried chicken?" said KFC's chief marketing officer, Nick Chavez. "Our KFC Wrap assortment has three delicious varieties and the same great value of 2 for $5. 

There's more! KFC is developing a menu dish that could become your favorite. Cincinnati residents can now buy $5 Original Recipe chicken

tenders with dipping sauce and a biscuit. KFC's $20 Fill Up Box includes four Original Recipe tenders, four pieces of fried chicken, four dipping sauces

The new KFC tenders use Original Recipe breading instead of Extra Crispy. Previously, the Original Recipe system only applied to bone-in chicken.

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