How to Use Flight Price Alerts to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Today, everyone wants the best flight deals. Prices fluctuate regularly, so how can you know when to book

for the best price? Several travel businesses offer free flight price notifications to assist you find a good deal.

"Price alerts are your personal travel deal scout, tracking prices daily and alerting you in real time when a flight, hotel, or rental car price

changes," Kayla Inserra, Kayak's consumer travel trends analyst, tells Travel + Leisure. Kayak was one of the first travel companies to offer price alerts in 2006. 

A firm will monitor flight rates for your departure and arrival airports, dates, and airlines and tell you of the best time to book when you

establish a price alert. If you're flexible with your travel plans, several services let you set price alerts for a month or any destination. 

You can also choose a specific flight for price notifications. No matter your specifications, you'll be notified of matching flight price changes.

Price alerts can be created in numerous ways, but you must choose origin, destination, and dates. You may be able to customize an alert

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