How to Boost Your Hair Volume?

How to Boost Your Hair Volume?

Use Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner - Choose products specifically designed to add volume and lift to your hair. These formulas are typically lighter and won’t weigh your hair down.

Tease Your Roots - Gently backcomb or tease the roots of your hair at the crown to add instant height and volume.

Blow-Dry Upside Down - Flip your head upside down while blow-drying to create lift at the roots. Use a round brush to add extra volume and shape.

Use Dry Shampoo - Apply dry shampoo to your roots to absorb excess oil and add texture and lift, giving the appearance of fuller hair.

Layer Your Haircut - Ask your stylist for layers. Layers can remove weight and add movement, making your hair look fuller and more voluminous.

Avoid Heavy Products - Steer clear of heavy creams, gels, and serums that can weigh hair down. Opt for lightweight mousses and sprays designed for volume.

Change Your Part - Switching your part to the opposite side can instantly lift roots and add volume. This simple change can make your hair look fuller.

Use Velcro Rollers - After blow-drying, set your hair with large Velcro rollers. Leave them in for 20-30 minutes, then remove and gently tousle your hair for added volume.

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