Designers Want To Try 6 Outdoor Decorating Trends In 2024

Low-Maintenance Gardens

people are opting for lower-maintenance gardens and backyards these days, making it easier to simply enjoy the space.

Wellness And Self-Care Spaces

We’ve seen the collective love for spa bathrooms this year, and Kim Gordon of Kim Gordon Designs says this is extending into outdoor spaces.

Moon Gardens

If you’re big into entertaining or spending time outside at night, Singleton confirms that moon gardens are officially back.

Outdoor "Rooms"

If you live in a small home or an apartment, outdoor space can be critcal. That’s one reason Nancy Ruddy, co-founding principal and executive director of interior design.

Covered Pergolas

The rise in pergolas and open-sided coverings means you can still make the most of your outdoor space… come rain or come shine.

Ambient Outdoor Lighting

One single, moth-covered exterior light just won’t do these days.

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