Couples travel: 9 proven tips to avoid disaster

Plan Together: Start by discussing your travel goals and preferences. Planning together ensures both partners are invested

Set a Budget: Agree on a budget that works for both of you. Money disagreements can lead to stress, so be clear about spending limits

Compromise: Be prepared to compromise on activities and destinations. Your partner may have different interests

Give Each Other Space: Spending 24/7 together can be intense. Schedule some alone time to recharge and pursue personal interests.

Communication: Open and honest communication is crucial. Discuss your feelings and expectations regularly to avoid misunderstandings.

Pack Wisely: Share the responsibility of packing and ensure you have essentials like medications

Backup Plans: Have backup plans for unexpected situations. Travel can be unpredictable, so discuss what to do if flights are delayed

Take Photos Together: While it's tempting to snap photos separately, make sure to take pictures together to capture memories

Celebrate Together: Remember why you're traveling together – to strengthen your relationship. Celebrate moments, milestones

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