Burger King's New Side Is a Combo of Two Customer

Going to a fast-food restaurant for a quick dinner is easy, but choosing between all the tasty sides is harder. Burger King's new side removes decision-making.

The burger chain is debuting a new side that blends fries and onion rings. Burger King's "Have-sies," will debut on Oct. 12 at selected restaurants nationwide.

Starting next week, customers can order the side in value, small, medium, and large versions. Burger King claims 

the Have-sies enable customers "build the perfect combo meal to suit their tastes and satisfy their cravings."

"While the flame-grilled Whopper sandwich is often the star of the show, Burger King is all about letting Guests 'have it their way,' and that includes

side options when ordering combo meals," said Burger King North America chief marketing officer Pat O'Toole. "We know Guests love our onion rings

that they can't get anywhere else, but it's hard to give up on the classic French fry – so we're excited to offer both in true BK fashion."

The new hybrid may look familiar because Burger King tested it in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Fla., earlier this year (called "Fries N' Rings" instead of Have-sies).

Burger King has made several interesting announcements recently, including the new product. The company also announced that the Ghost Pepper Whopper 

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