Baby Boomer Makeup Tips -Top 10 Makeup Mistakes that make you look older

Lightly mist your face with a spray toner 12 inches away from your face to set your makeup.Try your makeup without any pressed powder and see how it holds up.

1. Pressed Powder all over the face

Use a foundation brush to put it on, and then use a Kabuki brush to smooth it out.Try Revlon Photoready, Givenchy's Photo Perfection, or Makeup Forever HD.

2. Heavy Foundation application

Colors of blush that are trendy or very bright will look cheap. Use colors like Nude, Beige, and Rose. Try #NARS blush in the shade Torrid...anyone can use it.

3. Blush just on your cheek apples only

Use liquid or a cream foundation with a foundation brush this helps the foundation look more airbrushed and is less likely to show fine lines. BLEND PAST THE JAW LINE


Most people's lips thin with age. Frosty, brilliant, extreme colors like vivid purple, fuchsia, and very dark brown thin lips. Use neutral colors like Nude, Sheer Red Beige, or Rose.

5.  Extreme lipstick colors

Lipstick that feathered into creases adds aging instantly.  Reverse lipliners are flesh-colored or transparent lipliners applied outside your natural lipline.

6. Lipstick that bleeds

Liquid eyeliner on the bottom of your lids can melt down into your lines and wrinkles. It also makes your eyes look smaller.

7. Liquid Eyeliner on the lower lid

Mascara melts into wrinkles like eyeliner, making them the show stopper. Waterproof mascara and thick mascara clump and age thin lashes. 

8. Mascara on the bottom lashes

If your upper eyebrows are very wrinkly, don't wear too much sparkle. Soft shimmer is pretty and adds shine, but too much shimmer makes your lines stand out. 

9. Over use of very sparkling eyeshadow

Less is better. Too much concealer will make you look older, just like too much foundation, and God help you if all those layers start to break in your lines.

10. Heavy concealer