Airline Startup Ecuacondor Nears Launch Date

A new airline will serve Ecuador in the coming months. Startup Ecuacondor is about to launch. The corporation has announced its

preferred routes and fleet. A few days ago, its first plane was receiving maintenance and painting. But what about the new company?

The Ecuadorian aviation journalist declared a 2022 startup launch. The Quito-based corporation wants to operate

domestically in South America. It also received approval to charter flights from Guayaquil overseas Airport to overseas destinations.

Ecuadorian aviation writer Nicolás Larenas says the new airline plans to serve numerous Ecuadorian destinations. 

He compares the company's route map to TAME, the state airline that closed in 2020 owing to debt.

Cuenca, Loja, Esmeralda, and Quito will receive up to 14 weekly flights from Guayaquil. From Quito, they'll fly to Cuenca, Loja, Santa Rosa, Coca, Esmeraldas, Manta, and more.

The firm may fly to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Aruba, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and others. From Cuba and the

Dominican Republic, charter flights would serve these destinations. Simple Flying contacted airline general manager Alberto López

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