8 Forgotten Chores Our Grandparents Did Every Day

Hand-Washing Laundry: Before modern washing machines, laundry was scrubbed by hand on washboards, often taking hours to complete.

Ironing Clothes: Ironing was a daily task to keep clothes wrinkle-free, using heavy irons that were sometimes heated on stoves.

Chopping Wood: Wood chopping was necessary to keep the stove or fireplace fueled for cooking and heating the home.

Milking Cows: For those living on farms, milking cows by hand was a daily chore to ensure a fresh supply of milk.

Preserving Food: Canning, pickling, and preserving fruits and vegetables were essential to store food for the winter months.

Darning Socks: Rather than buying new socks, old ones were mended by hand using a darning needle to extend their life.

Tending to the Garden: Daily gardening tasks included weeding, watering, and harvesting to maintain a home-grown supply of vegetables.

Cleaning Lamps and Wicks: Before electric lighting, oil lamps were cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure they provided adequate light.

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