9 Plants and Animals Discovered in the New World

Tomato: Native to South America, the tomato became a staple in various cuisines worldwide, particularly in Italian cooking.

Potato: Originating in the Andean region, the potato became a vital crop in Europe, dramatically influencing food security and cuisine.

Corn (Maize): Native to Mesoamerica, corn became a major staple crop in many parts of the world, essential for livestock feed and human consumption.

Chocolate (Cacao): Indigenous to the Amazon basin, cacao beans were used to make chocolate, which became immensely popular in Europe and beyond.

Turkey: Native to North America, the turkey became an important poultry bird globally, particularly associated with festive meals.

Tobacco: Native to the Americas, tobacco leaves became a significant cash crop and were widely adopted for smoking and chewing in the Old World.

Vanilla: Originating in Mexico, vanilla beans became highly valued for their flavoring in foods and perfumes, gaining worldwide popularity.

Pineapple: Native to South America, the pineapple was introduced to Europe and became a symbol of luxury and hospitality.

Guinea Pig: Domesticated in the Andes, the guinea pig was introduced to Europe as a pet and has remained popular ever since.

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