8 Things You Should Put Away When Guests Come Over

Clutter: Clear away any unnecessary items that are lying around to create a tidy and inviting space.

Personal Items: Put away personal items like bills, letters, or any sensitive documents that you wouldn't want guests to accidentally see.

Valuables or Fragile Items: Store away valuable items or things that are easily breakable, especially if you'll have children or pets around.

Laundry: Make sure to put away any laundry – clean or dirty – that might be out. This helps maintain the neatness of the space.

Pet Supplies: While pets are part of the family, not all guests may be comfortable with them. Tidy up pet toys, beds, and bowls, and have a plan for managing pets during the visit.

Excessive Personal Photos: While a few family photos create a warm atmosphere, too many can feel overwhelming to guests. Consider minimizing to a select few.

Bathroom Clutter: Clear the bathroom countertops of personal items like toothbrushes, razors, and beauty products to make the space more guest-friendly.

Kitchen Mess: If you have a kitchen that guests will see or use, make sure it's clean and clear of any dirty dishes or excessive cooking tools and appliances.

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