8 States Baby Boomers Should Avoid In Retirement, According To A Study

New York: High cost of living and high taxes make it an expensive state for retirees on a fixed income.

California: While the weather is great, the high cost of living, high taxes, and potential for natural disasters can be significant drawbacks.

Illinois: Known for high property taxes and a high cost of living, which can strain retirement budgets.

Connecticut: One of the states with the highest cost of living and taxes, which can make it less appealing for retirees.

New Jersey: High property taxes and overall cost of living are major concerns for retirees.

Massachusetts: Although it has excellent healthcare, the high cost of living and taxes can be burdensome for retirees.

Maryland: High cost of living and taxes may deter some retirees from settling here.

Rhode Island: High cost of living, taxes, and relatively expensive healthcare make it less attractive for retirement.

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