8 Science-Related Memes For All The Intellectuals

Schrödinger's Cat Meme: A picture of a cat with a caption like, "I’m alive and dead until you open this meme," referencing the famous quantum mechanics thought experiment.

Periodic Table Humor: An image of the periodic table with the caption, "I make bad chemistry jokes... but only periodically."

Einstein Relativity Meme: A photo of Albert Einstein with the caption, "E=mc². Energy equals milk times coffee squared," poking fun at the famous equation.

Biology Pun: A picture of a cell with the text, "Mitosis is intense... it’s all about division."

Physics Joke: An image of Isaac Newton with an apple, captioned, "Gravity: Always down with it."

Geology Humor: A picture of a rock with the caption, "Geologists are gneiss people," playing on the word "gneiss," a type of rock.

Math Pun: An image of a right triangle with the caption, "I’m acute one," referencing the triangle's acute angle.

Astronomy Meme: A picture of a telescope with the text, "I need more space," humorously linking the literal and figurative meanings.

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