8 Household Items That Could be Harming Your Health

Nonstick Cookware (Teflon): When heated, Teflon can release toxic gases, leading to health issues known as Teflon Flu.

Plastic Food Containers: Heating plastic can release endocrine-disrupting chemicals into food, posing health risks.

Air Fresheners: They often contain hazardous chemicals that contribute to indoor air pollution, impacting respiratory health.

Perfumes and Colognes: Many contain undisclosed chemicals that can be harmful, especially to sensitive groups like expectant mothers.

Fabric Protector Sprays: These sprays may contain PFCs, which are associated with health concerns and environmental persistence.

Cleaning Products: Some cleaners contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and chlorine that can cause organ damage and respiratory issues.

Antiperspirants: Often contain aluminum and parabens, which may pose health risks, particularly in individuals with kidney disease risk factors.

Oxybenzone Sunscreen: Found in many sunscreens, it can be absorbed into the body and its long-term effects are still not fully understood, raising health concerns.

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