8 home security mistakes we all make, according to a former burglar

Hiding Spare Keys Outside: One of the oldest tricks in the book, yet many people still hide spare keys under mats, in flowerpots, or above door frames.

Neglecting to Lock Doors and Windows: It might seem basic, but failing to lock doors and windows when leaving the house

Poor Lighting: A well-lit home, both inside and out, can deter burglars. Dark areas provide cover for intruders to break in undetected.

Overlooking the Importance of an Alarm System: Even a basic alarm system can be a significant deterrent.

Visible Valuables: Keeping expensive items, such as electronics, jewelry, or cash, in plain view from windows can attract burglars.

Ignoring the Need for Outdoor Maintenance: An unkempt yard with overgrown bushes and trees can provide hiding spots for burglars.

Social Media Oversharing: Announcing travel plans or posting vacation photos in real-time on social media can signal to burglars that your house is empty.

Failing to Secure Sliding Doors and Windows: Sliding doors and windows can be vulnerable points of entry if not properly secured.

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