Top 7 Must-see Birds For Bird Watchers In America

This bird is a symbol of the United States, and they are a sight to behold in its natural habitat. They are birds of prey and tend to feed on small animals.

Bald Eagle

One of America’s most common and beloved birds, the robin signals the start of spring for many. They can be found across North America and sometimes migrate to Alaska for the summer.

American Robin

This is the largest woodpecker in America and is recognized for its distinctive rec crest. They can be found in the eastern America and in Canada.

Pileated Woodpecker

These birds are known for their vibrant and multicoloured plumage, they are a sight to behold and can be found in southern states.

Painted bunting

This is a critically endangered species and one of the world's most giant birds, it boasts an incredible wingspan. They can be found in Californa and in Arizona.

California Condor

This magical winter visitor attracts bird watchers whenever they venture south from their arctic homes. They are found in Southern Canada and North US

Snowy Owl

These birds are famous for their large size, graceful dances, and long migrations. They are found in Southeastern United Staes.

Sandhill Crane

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