8 Cat Breeds That Are Therapists


If you’re feeling alone in the world, the Abyssinian cat will make it their mission to make you feel loved. While they’re not super cuddly, they’re dependent on receiving love and affection, and it’s important to them to give as good as they get.

American Bobtail

American Bobtail cats make excellent therapy cats for everyone because of their sweet nature and easy-going temperament. They love adults, kids and even other pets. They’re adaptable, versatile and love to travel.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cats are one of the most popular and low-maintenance breeds. They tend to be smart, even-tempered.


While less vocal than Siamese cats, Balinese do like to talk and give people excellent advice, even if their human companions don’t always understand it. Balinese cats love to be held, are extremely affectionate and have long, beautiful and pettable fur.


Bengal cats are very trainable and are happy to accompany you wherever you go. They’re not overly cuddly, but they’re sweet, kind and friendly


Birman cats adore being around people and are highly adaptable to most environments, whether it’s a Burmese temple or a high-rise apartment. They’re friendly, make great companions and are very affectionate.


When you stroke the sleek black fur of the Bombay cat and gaze into their copper eyes, a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation comes over you. This cat breed is very people-orientated, affectionate and cuddly.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats want to be as close to their people as possible. They enjoy cuddling, lap-sitting and being held. If you asked a Devon Rex what their favorite thing in the world was, they’d probably tell you that it was being loved.

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