8 Animals That Live and Travel in Packs

8 Animals That Live and Travel in Packs

Wolves - Wolves are known for their strong social structures and pack mentality. They hunt, raise their young, and defend their territory as a cohesive unit.

Lions - Known as prides, lion groups are typically composed of several related females, their offspring, and a small number of adult males. They cooperate in hunting and protecting their territory.

African Wild Dogs - These highly social animals live in packs led by an alpha pair. They are known for their cooperative hunting strategies and strong bonds between pack members.

Elephants - Elephants live in herds led by a matriarch. These herds are composed of related females and their young, providing protection and social structure for each member.

Hyenas - Spotted hyenas live in clans that can consist of up to 80 individuals. These clans are matriarchal, with females leading and organizing hunting and territorial defense.

Dolphins - Dolphins are highly social and live in groups called pods. They cooperate in hunting, play together, and offer protection against predators.

Meerkats - Living in mobs or gangs, meerkats have complex social structures where members take on different roles, such as sentries or babysitters, to ensure the group's safety.

Baboons - Baboons travel in troops that can include dozens of individuals. These troops have strict hierarchies and work together to find food, care for young, and protect against threats.

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