7 U.S. Town Names That Will Crack You Up

Intercourse, Pennsylvania: Known for its unusual name, this town often sparks curiosity and humor among visitors.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico: Originally named Hot Springs, the town changed its name to Truth or Consequences after a radio show in 1950.

Hell, Michigan: This small town embraces its fiery name with humor, offering "Hell-themed" merchandise for visitors.

Why, Arizona: Legend says that the town's name came from travelers asking "Why?" when stopping here, but the exact origin remains debated.

Ding Dong, Texas: Named after two early settlers, this small community has a name that delights visitors and locals alike.

Santa Claus, Indiana: Known for its Christmas-themed attractions and decorations year-round, Santa Claus is a popular destination for holiday enthusiasts.

Cut and Shoot, Texas: Legend has it that the town got its name from a local dispute that was settled by "cutting" a deck of cards and "shooting" the loser.

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