7 Sleep Inducing Foods And Drinks

Canned sardines are an excellent calcium alternative for persons who are unable or unable to consume dairy.

Canned Sardines

A banana contains 375mg of potassium, roughly a fifth of the daily requirement, which reduces daytime tiredness.


Brazil nuts are high in magnesium, which boosts melatonin and relaxes muscles.

Brazil Nuts

Almonds contain magnesium and promote sleep. One study found that consuming 10 almonds a day for 14 days reduced sleeplessness in students by 10%.


A 2016 study linked high fiber intake to restful evenings beneath the duvet.Fiber intake increased slow-wave sleep, which makes you wake up refreshed.

Whole Grains

Low selenium consumption is widespread and has been linked to trouble sleeping.


A 2014 study found that men who ate salmon three times a week for six months had slight sleep and daily functioning improvements.

Fatty Fish

Rice's high glycaemic index (it releases sugar quickly) may help you sleep, according to research.


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