7 Beautiful Designs You'll Love For Your Yard

English Garden

Featuring lush, layered flower beds with roses, hydrangeas, and pathways lined with hedges.

Zen Garden

Minimalist design with gravel or sand, rocks, bonsai trees, and sparse greenery for a serene and meditative space.

Tropical Oasis

Vibrant with palm trees, exotic flowers like hibiscus, and a pool or water feature surrounded by lush foliage.

Cottage Garden

Informal and charming, with a mix of perennials, herbs, and climbing roses around a rustic pathway or arbor.

Modern Landscape

Clean lines, minimalist plantings, and geometric shapes with elements like succulents, ornamental grasses, and concrete pavers.

Japanese Garden

Tranquil with bonsai, moss, bamboo, and a water feature like a koi pond or stone fountain, often featuring bridges and lanterns.

Woodland Retreat

Naturalistic with native plants, ferns, and shade-loving flowers under the canopy of trees, featuring winding paths and rustic seating.

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