10 Things Polite People Always Say

"Please": This is a fundamental word that shows respect and good manners when requesting something.

"Thank You": Expressing gratitude is a key aspect of politeness, acknowledging someone else’s effort, help, or kindness.

"Excuse Me": Used to politely get someone’s attention, navigate through a crowd, or as an apology if you accidentally bump into someone.

"I’m Sorry": An expression of apology that shows acknowledgment of a mistake or misunderstanding and the desire to maintain good relations.

"You’re Welcome": A courteous response to a thank you, showing that you’re happy to help or provide assistance.

"May I...": A polite way to ask for permission, showing respect for the other person’s boundaries or rules.

"I Appreciate It": An expression of gratitude that goes a step further, making the person feel their effort or gesture is valued.

"No, Thank You": A polite way to decline an offer, showing that you’re grateful for it but choosing not to accept.

"Pardon Me" or "I Beg Your Pardon": Used to politely ask for repetition or clarification when you haven’t heard or understood something, and also as a polite way of expressing disbelief or disagreement.

"After You" or "Please, Go Ahead": A gesture of courtesy, allowing someone else to go before you, whether in a line, entering a room, or when making a choice.

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