10 Signs Someone Is Truly Confident And Not Just Faking It

Comfort with Vulnerability: Truly confident people are not afraid to show their vulnerabilities.

No Need for Constant Reassurance: Confident individuals don't seek constant validation from others.

Listening More Than They Speak: Confident people are often great listeners. They don't feel the need to dominate conversations or constantly prove their knowledge.

Comfort with Silence: Truly confident individuals are comfortable with moments of silence in conversations.

Accepting Criticism Gracefully: Confident people can accept constructive criticism without taking it personally.

Not Bragging or Boasting: While they are proud of their achievements, truly confident people don't feel the need to constantly brag or boast about their successes.

Setting Healthy Boundaries: Confident individuals set and respect healthy personal and professional boundaries.

Helping Others Succeed: A truly confident person doesn't feel threatened by the success of others. Instead, they lift others up and celebrate their achievements

Adaptable and Open to Change: Confident people are not rigidly attached to their ideas or ways of doing things.

Self-Reliance: While they value the support and companionship of others, truly confident people are fundamentally self-reliant

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