Embracing The Future: Interior Design Trends For 2024


Doilies are back in style, and we have strong feelings about it. They came back because of the country trend.


Potpourri, those dusty scented wood shavings need to go--all the way in the trash!

Silk Floral Arrangements

 All over the United States, this is the one thing that will be in every corner, on every coffee table and every hanging shelf. Stay away from the silks.

Precious Moments Angels

I see that you already understand what we mean! Precious Moments Angels are those little bad guys that look like old ladies that you can't touch or even get too close to!

Kitchen Ivy

In the past, it was cool to put the cheapest, scraggiest fake ivy on top of your shelves to make them look more interesting. 

Pioneer Woman Kitchenware

If you want to MAKE SURE that everyone knows you're a southern "Ma," look for the Pioneer Woman line in the clearance section of your local Walmart.

Dust Ruffles

These awful bed skirt add-ons have been thrown away along with the top sheet. If you're still wearing the hair ruffle, someone might think you're their grandmother.

Oak Furniture

Listen, we’re not here to dog on solid wood furniture, we love it! However, oak furniture just screams “I got this from my Grandma’s estate sale.”

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